Bruce Maniscalco, Videographer, Editor, Producer 210-860-9105
" Bruce went the extra mile for me. He anticipated recourses I didn't and saved the day. The client insisted he knew what he wanted to say and didn't want, or need a teleprompter. But it turned out that he really did need a prompter. I didn't order it, but Bruce had one in his truck and in a matter of minutes we were cooking along like a pro. And he didn't gouge us for it on the invoice! I can't thank you enough Bruce, you will always be our first choice! "
" Bruce made even me look good! Hat's off to an incredible job Bruce. We were under extraordinarily difficult circumstances and without your expertise I'm afraid I would have looked and sounded awful. You were a very calming influence on the set, a set that needed calming! LOL! Thanks a million Mr. B! "
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